Levels of toxic chemicals in Great Lakes fish are alarmingly high, and becoming more serious over time.
Those are key findings of a study Environmental Defence did on pollution in Great Lakes fish. We took a close look at the fish advisories reported by the Ontario government to see whether the advisories were getting better or worse. We found there’s a mixed bag. Lake Erie is improving, with fish advisories improving. But Lake Ontario is getting worse, with eight categories of fish becoming more contaminated.

Our Policy Director, Aaron Freeman, had this to say about the study results: “While fish remains a healthy choice for consumers, toxic contamination levels suggest that we are still treating the Great Lakes as a toxic waste dump. We are clearly not doing enough to protect this vital ecosystem.”
The news release gives the main highlights of the report. If you’d like all the details, download the report – Up to the Gills: Pollution in Great Lakes Fish.
Jennifer Foulds
Environmental Defence