I read an interesting article in the Globe and Mail today by Martin Mittelstaedt. It seems that Mark Richardson, the head of the team to be conducting a study on the safety of a critical toxic chemical, bisphenol A (BPA), was abruptly reassigned. The department, Health Canada, is now going to investigate claims that he is biased, and cannot conduct the BPA study with objectivity.
This process was started by statements Dr. Richardson made while at a medical conference a couple of months ago. In a blatant display of bias, he endorsed the use of BPA before the study into its safety was even close to being completed.
In response to these events, an Environmental Defence news release is calling on Health Minister Tony Clement to create an independent audit to assess the impartiality of all key staff involved in reviewing chemicals, such as BPA.
Many academic studies have found BPA to be toxic at low doses. There are just too many potential adverse health effects of this chemical to allow pro-industry bias affect its review.  
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