Communities challenged to pledge cutting their emissions at TORONTO, June 14 – With the arrival of the HOT summer weather andnow normal huge spikes in energy usage looming, the Flick Off coalition todayannounced details on how one lucky community can win their very own carbonneutral music festival just by pledging to cut carbons. The competition runs until November 1, with the winning community beingannounced in early November at a major fundraising dinner hosted in Toronto bySir Richard Branson and featuring leading global warming campaigners. To get a community in the running to win a Flick-Fest, they just need totake just take three simple steps. (1) Complete the online entry form by entering first and last name, postal code and emailaddress. (2) Measuring current carbon emissions by answering questions in theFLICK OFF Carbon Calculator. (3) If they want, pledge to reduce them bychanging some habits. The winning community will be the one with the mostpeople entering per capita, to level the playing field. “We’re all facing a climate crisis together, and if government andbusinesses won’t act fast enough, Flick Off is challenging Canadians at apersonal and community level to take up the battle against global warning,”said Dr. Rick Smith, Executive Director of Environmental Defence. “It’s timeto make fundamental changes to the way we live. It’s also easier than wethink, and as an added bonus you can actually win something for you and yourneighbours by showing how much your community wants to get flicking to reduceenergy use.” Founding Partner Virgin Mobile Canada will be the key organizer of theFlickFest and with its experience in running music events like the hugelypopular Virgin Festivals in Vancouver and Toronto, it promises to be a greattime out. “Sometimes we all need a goal or encouragement to do our bit andwhat better way to celebrate being the community with the biggest flickersthan rocking out with your neighbours as a result of your focus on doing goodfor the planet,” said Nathan Rosenberg, Chief Marketing Officer, Virgin MobileCanada. Founding Partner MuchMusic is promoting the contest to youth nationwide,and encouraging communities to take the challenge from coast to coast tocoast. “We’re urging our viewers to enter the contest and reduce their carbonoutput, and we’re continuing to push the Flick Off message with the productionof a new Flick Off PSA, which premieres June 16 on MuchMusic,” said DavidKines, VP Music and Youth Services. How FlickFest Plans To Deliver a Carbon Neutral Event Supporting Flick Off’s ongoing commitment to attacking the causes ofglobal warming, FlickFest will: – provide recycling on-site – use biodegradable food and drink containers, – areas of the site to be powered by festival attendees using bicycle power – leverage green energy sources, where possible, to power the music festival and where required power other areas on bio-fuels – purchase of carbon offsets for energy used, and – planting trees to ensure future carbon reduction for the entire community Details on artists who will perform and plans for making this one greatbig day out will be unveiled over the coming months on Defence, Virgin Mobile, MuchMusic, Roots, and the Province ofOntario joined forces in April to create this dynamic coalition to communicatea simple message: Join the fight against climate change by using less energy The FlickFest competition is just one of the activities thepartners will deliver to help get the message out and encourage all Canadiansto do their bit. ABOUT FLICK OFF FLICK OFF ( is a movement to fight global warming. It isa unique partnership of among a national environmental group, companies, mediaand government: Environmental Defence, Virgin Mobile Canada, Roots Canada,MuchMusic and the Ministry of Environment, Ontario. 1. Global warming 101: The causes, effects and solutions to global warming are discussed in a conversational, tongue-firmly-planted-in-cheek style. 2. Steps to reduce emissions: A list of the things you should do 3. Manage your damage: A super easy to understand carbon calculator that enables people to measure their individual CO2 emissions, and learn how much they will save by making simple, specific changes to their daily routine and purchasing habits.For further information: photography or to arrange an interview, pleasecontact: Environmental Defence, Jen Foulds, (416) 323-4521 x232