The Canadian city that does the most to reduce its carbon emissions will play host to a music festival featuring some of the country’s top bands.
This is one of the initiatives announced Wednesday at the launch of Flick Off, a campaign to educate consumers about how to fight global warming.
“Flick Off’s message is simple: Stop worrying, take action and encourage everyone to join you,” said Sir Richard Branson, head of the UK-based Virgin group of companies, in Toronto early Wednesday.
“We want to impart people to make simple changes.”
The campaign is a partnership of Virgin Mobile, MuchMusic, Roots, Environmental Defence and the Province of Ontario. The Flick Off website provides information on environmental problems and some of the solutions. Visitors can calculate their carbon emissions, pledge to cut their energy consumption and order a guerrilla-style action kit.
“Because we know everybody loves a challenge, there is a reward for the city that can make the biggest cut in their emissions,” said Branson. “The winning community gets its own carbon-neutral concert in 2008.
Branson left a downtown press conference in a hybrid vehicle and was scheduled to fly to Ottawa and then on to Iqualuit, Nunavut, where he and his 21-year-old son Sam will spend three weeks sledding across Baffin Island. Branson said he will see first-hand the impact global warming is having on the Arctic and Canada’s Inuit people.
“Make positive changes, set an example for the rest of the world and reduce your national output of greenhouse gases. We need to conserve energy now so flick off, Canada!”
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