Protecting Escarpment Rural Land and Environmental Defence have received notice from the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources that a series of wetlands on Mount Nemo in Burlington, the Grindstone Creek Headwaters Wetland Complex, which has been threatened by a quarry expansion, have been designated as provincially significant. Numerous species of fish and significant habitat of the threatened Jefferson Salamander were discovered within the 15-connected wetlands, further underscoring the need for protection. The groups are hailing the designation as a major victory for the Niagara Escarpment and greenbelt.
“We have the perfect storm of land use conflicts brewing on Mount Nemo, pitting some of Ontario’s most sensitive lands versus yet another quarry,”
said David Donnelly (Gilbert’s LLP), counsel to Environmental Defence. “This case will clearly show people whether our environmental priorities
are more important than an individual gravel site, because they haven’t been in the past.”