Tell your MPP to pass a law to protect free speech

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Ontario’s elected officials have the power to pass an important new law. This law would protect citizens from damaging lawsuits (known as SLAPP suits), which intimidate citizens from speaking out about important environmental issues.

Urge your MPP to pass a law to protect your right to speak out to defend the environment.

Dear [your MPP's name will go here],

I urge you to pass anti-SLAPP legislation.

All too often Ontario residents face damaging and frivolous lawsuits, known as “strategic lawsuits against public participation,” when they speak out about development proposals or industry activities in their backyards. Passing the proposed Protection of Public Participation Act would protect the democratic rights of all Ontario residents to engage in public processes without fear of retribution.

This law has broad support and it has already undergone review in the last session of parliament. It’s time for elected leaders to put words of support into action and step up to get a law passed.


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