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  The Action  

More than 80% of Ontarians get their drinking water from the Great Lakes. But new threats and challenges are overwhelming old solutions. That’s why we need new strong and effective legislation to strengthen our stewardship of almost 20% of the world’s available fresh water.

Together with the Great Lakes Protection Act Alliance, Environmental Defence is working to ensure that Ontario has the necessary legal and policy tools to help safeguard, restore and protect the Great Lakes-St. Lawrence River Basin.

Please help by sending a letter to the Minister of the Environment and the opposition’s environment critics to ask them to work together and support the passage of the Great Lakes Protection Act.

  The Letter  

To: The Honourable Jim Bradley, Minister of Environment, Mr. Michael Harris, Environment Critic, Progressive Conservative Party and Mr. Jonah Schein, Environment Critic, New Democratic Party

I strongly support the proposed Great Lakes Protection Act and encourage all parties to work together to prioritize the passage of this legislation in a timely manner.

The Great Lakes are in desperate need of stronger protection. One of the greatest freshwater systems on Earth is experiencing larger-than-ever algae blooms, rising concentrations of toxic pollutants, more frequent beach closures, and biological deserts or ‘dead-zones’ in certain areas.

Over 80% of Ontarians rely on the Great Lakes for their drinking water. Lake Erie supports one of the world’s most productive commercial fisheries, and hundreds of shoreline communities rely on clean, safe beaches to sustain a strong tourism economy. Ontario needs to do more to protect and restore the Great Lakes for all of these reasons.

As a citizen of the Great Lakes community, I voice my support for this legislation to protect the Great Lakes as a globally-significant treasure.

Thank you,

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