Banning Bisphenol A (BPA)

Bisphenol A (BPA) is a harmful chemical found in many products we use every day, including the linings of food and drink cans, cash register receipts, and reusable sports bottles made from hard plastic. More than 150 peer-reviewed scientific studies have found potential health effects from exposure to BPA, which include breast and prostate cancer, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, and a wide range of developmental problems.

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We first raised the alarm about BPA and its potential health effects in 2007 when we led the charge to get BPA out of plastic baby bottles. Thanks to our work to educate Canadians about the risks of this toxic chemical, baby bottles with BPA can no longer be sold in Canada, the first ban on BPA in the world. That's a tremendous victory for children's health.

Tests done recently by the federal government found that 91% of children and adults in Canada have BPA in their bodies. We think that's a dangerous situation. That's why we're now working with the federal government and industry to get BPA out of all food and beverage containers, and out of other common sources such as cash register receipts as a way to reduce the pollution we’re exposed to.